Funded Trading Plus Review: Best Fastest Payout Prop Firm

Funded Trading Plus stands out as one of the fastest payout prop firms in the industry. Having gained popularity among forex traders, as a leading prop firm funded account provider for simulated trading. In this Funded Trading Plus review, we will discuss its instant funding prop firm accounts, the 1 step evaluation, and 2 step challenge programs which come with no minimum trading days or maximum days limits, and everything you should know about the proprietary firm.

Additionally, we will review why Funded Trading Plus is a prop firm with fastest payout, and explore its cost-effective funded accounts which even get cheaper when you apply the prop firm discount code “PTP10”. The support systems, platform, and resources, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of trading with FTP prop firm.

Finally, we’ll provide our verdict, on whether Funded Trading Plus is a legit proprietary firm and if it’s worth considering for traders who are looking for prop firm funding opportunities.


Key Takeaways

  • Review of FTP owners, regulatory compliance, and their operation to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Funded Trading Plus funding accounts up to $200,000, with scaling up to $2.5 million, competitive pricing, and super savings Funded Trading Plus coupon code.
  • The no-time limits policy is a major advantage, enabling traders to analyze the markets, wait, and trade the best setups.
  • Extensive support, resources, and what makes FTP prop firm a viable option for traders seeking funding opportunities
  • Funded Trading Plus is one of the fastest payout prop firms with up to 90% commission on profits and withdrawals processed within 24 hours.


Overview of Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus top-rated funding stands out from the rest as a result of its aim to create a prop trading firm that provides funding for traders at all levels and experiences with no trading time limits. The firm’s mission, however, is to assist traders in achieving success in trading the financial markets.

FTP prop firm offers a flexible trading environment that allows traders to trade their preferred instruments. Traders therefore can choose to trade forex, stocks, futures, and indices. The firm also provides MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms that are powered by Eightcap brokerage.

Company History: Established in the year 2021, Funded Trading Plus is a brand of FTP London Ltd, registered in England, United Kingdom. The firm swiftly gained a reputation for its solid trading features and efficient fast payout system innovations.

Fastest payout Prop Firm


Funded Trading Plus Review

Since its establishment in December 2021, Funded Trading Plus prop firm has gained popularity in the forex trading space. The CEO, Simon Massey, who also manages top trade rooms in the UK, founded the company.

FTP prop firm stands out as a leading simulated trading firm by offering services to traders. Rated as a top prop firm with fastest payout, sophisticated trading features, flexible funding options, and straightforward rules which we will discuss in subsequent sections.

Is Funded Trading Plus Legit?

The question of whether Funded Trading Plus is legit can be a concern for traders who want to join the firm. Funded Trading Plus is a legit and reputable prop firm that adheres to the financial regulations of the countries in which it operates.

Registration and Compliance

Funded Trading Plus is registered in England and Wales under the company name FTP London Ltd with registration number 13267046.

FTP prop firm is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference number 985982. The FCA serves as the regulatory body overseeing financial firms in the UK, providing assurance of the prop firm legitimacy to traders.


Funded Trading Plus Programs

Recognizing that capital can be a hindrance for many traders, the firm offers a solution by providing funds to traders who meet specific simple criteria.

This enables Funded Traders to access funded capitals of up to $400,000 or more and empowers them to enter more trades with larger positions than would have been possible with their own funds.

Funded Trading Plus Evaluation Programs

FTP prop firm offers 3 evaluation programs: The program types include Experienced Trader, Advanced Trader, and Master Trader. Each program comes with its rules and targets.

  1. Experienced Trader: A one Phase evaluation program aimed at experienced traders who don’t want to spend a lengthy time on evaluation, but rather prefer to undergo a 1 step evaluation to get funded.
  2. Advanced Trader: A two-phase challenge program suitable for advanced traders. This requires a trader to pass two evaluation stages – challenge + verification phases.
  3. Master Trader: Funded Trading Plus instant funding no evaluation program was designed with professional traders in mind. The FTP prop firm no evaluation program enables traders to start trading in Funded Trading Plus’s (FT+’s) simulated-live environment right away without the need to pass through the challenge process.

FTP prop firm one phase evaluation Experienced Trader Program

Flexible Funding

FTP prop firm flexible funding options were designed to accommodate traders at different stages. With a small fee of  $119, traders can get a $12,500 account and gradually grow through the scaling option. This is a way of starting small and increasing funding as they make better performance.

No Time Limit

FTP prop firm empowers traders by introducing no minimum and maximum trading days to achieve the funding targets. This allows traders to take their time to develop a suitable trading strategy and trade the right setups. This in particular is good for those who want to avoid the pressure of meeting a strict deadline.

Fastest Payout Prop Firm

Funded Trading Plus is also known for its swift payout system. Traders can receive their share of profits within 24 hours of requesting a withdrawal. This enables traders to cash and enjoys their profits without delays.

Attractive Profit Share

Traders who trade with Funded Trading Plus can benefit from a profit share of 80-90% once they meet the profit targets. Hence ensuring they retain a good portion of their profits.

No Hidden Fees

Traders can trade with peace of mind at FTP as the firm does not charge any hidden fees. There is only a one-time fee that covers the cost of the assessment phase.

Overall, Funded Trading Plus offers traders numerous benefits, including flexible funding options, fast payouts, and a high profit share. Traders can leverage these advantages to develop their strategies and maximize their earnings.


Funded Trading Plus Funding Programs

Funded Trading Plus diverse range of funding programs is tailored to accommodate traders with varying experience levels and risk tolerances. These funding programs also provide traders with access to capital as well as training, and support to facilitate their trading goals.

Funded Trading Plus 2 phase evaluation Advanced Trader Program

Evaluation Process

To qualify for funding, traders need to first undergo a one-step or two-stage evaluation process better referred to as the Trading Combine and the Verification.

During the Trading Combine, traders are given a demo account with specific trading objectives and risk parameters to fulfill. These objectives and parameters may vary based on the funding program but typically include a minimum profit target and a maximum simulated loss limit.

  1. Experienced Trader: one step evaluation, 10% profit target, 6% Relative simulated loss, and 3% Daily simulated loss
  2. Advanced Trader: two phase evaluation, 10% profit target phase 1, 5% profit target phase 2, 10% Relative simulated loss, and 5% Daily simulated loss.
  3. Funded Trading Plus instant funding: no evaluation phase, no profit target, 5% Relative simulated loss of starting capital

Upon successfully passing the challenge and evaluation stages, traders will progress to the final stage. In this stage, traders actively participate in trading activities under Funded Trading Plus’s (FT+’s) simulated-live environment and also gain access to training and expert support provided by the FTP prop firm.

The commission on profit and risk parameters of the simulated account are program-dependent; nevertheless, they typically involve a commission on profit of up to 90% and a maximum simulated loss limit ranging from 5% to 10%.

The amount of capital and commission on profit allotted varies depending on the funding program, ranging from $5,000 to $200,000 and up to $2,500,000 through scaling.

Funded Trading Plus Instant Funding Master Trader

Competitive Pricing

FTP prop firm ranks among cost-effective prop firms with its competitive pricing model that starts from $119. In this section, we will further examine FTP’s pricing model.

Experienced Trader:

  • $12,500  simulated account = $119
  • $25,000 simulated account = $199
  • $50,000 simulated account = $$349
  • $100,000 simulated account = $499
  • $200,000 simulated account = $999

Advanced Trader:

  • $25,000 simulated account = $199
  • $50,000 simulated account = $349
  • $100,000 simulated account = $499
  • $200,000 simulated account = $999

Master Trader:

  • $5,000 simulated account = $225
  • $10,000 simulated account = $$450
  • $25,000 simulated account = $1,125
  • $50,000 simulated account = $2,250
  • $100,000 simulated account = $4,500


Funded Trading Plus Coupon Code & Promotions

Funded Trading Plus coupon codes and promotions are periodically provided to traders. These promotions can include discounts on the evaluation fee or other enticing perks. You will save an instant 10% if you apply the Funded Trading Plus coupon code: PTP10 on the checkout page. Reducing the cost of your evaluation fee.

Funded Trading Plus Reset

The Funded Trading Plus reset fee gives traders the chance to start afresh at a 20% discount rate should they fail the evaluation phase.

For example, traders can reset their accounts up to three times for a fee of $95 instead of the regular $119 for the $12,500 account. This feature enables traders to learn from their mistakes and make fresh attempts.

Funded Trading Plus Traders Competitions

Funded Trading Plus organizes competitions for traders who have successfully passed the challenge. These competitions feature a prize pool from $10,000 to $100,000 funded simulated accounts

FTP prop firm competition gives traders the opportunity to win a one-step evaluation account and cash prizes based on profitable trading performance.

Funded Trading Plus promotion and giveaway

Funded Trading Plus Giveaways

Likewise, the FTP prop firm hosts monthly giveaways for traders, featuring free evaluation accounts or other attractive prizes.

Traders who wish to participate in the giveaways can follow FTP on their social media platforms to stay informed about the latest giveaways.


Funded Trading Plus Fastest Payout Feature

Aside from the easy funding, and straightforward rules. Funded Trading Plus fast payout feature has contributed to its popularity among traders. Nobody likes to spend weeks waiting for a payout for the profit he suffered to make, right?

In this section of the review, we will explore the importance of trading prop firms with fastest payout, how Funded Trading Plus fastest payout feature works, the payout process, the minimum payout amount, and its efficiency plus benefits.

Importance of Fast Payout in Prop Trading

A fast payout is vital in prop trading, it enables traders to quickly receive their profits after submitting a withdrawal request. Funded Trading Plus excels in this by ensuring traders receive their profits within hours. This prompt payout allows traders to utilize their funds and continue trading without unnecessary delays.

Funded Trading Plus Withdrawal

The funded Trading Plus withdrawal process operates seamlessly through Deel. When a funded trader reaches a profit of $50 and above, they can place a withdrawal request through the Deel payment system or Cryptocurrency.

The Funded Trading Plus withdrawal is processed within just 3 – 24 hours and at most 3 days. Traders can also choose to withdraw their profits through cryptocurrency where Deel payment is not available. Join FTP prop firm and get an instant 10% off using the discount code: PTP10.

Funded Trading Plus prof of fastest payout prop firm

The Efficiency of Funded Trading Plus Payout Process

Funded Trading Plus fast payout system is highly efficient and reliable. FTP also has a dedicated team of professionals who ensure the swift and accurate processing of payouts.

Support, Tools & Resources

Funded Trading Plus prioritizes the success of traders by offering a wide range of resources. These include development programs, tools, educational materials, and guidance. Others are video tutorials, webinars, and e-books. Traders can also access one-on-one coaching and mentoring from experienced traders.

The firm offers trading tools like charting software, news feeds, economic calendars, indicators, trading signals, and trading setups. Traders can contact customer support at any time with questions or concerns.

Funded Trading Plus Reviews by Users

FTP prop firm enjoys positive reviews from its users with an excellent star rating of 4.8 from over 1,600 reviewers. The firm has received excellent reviews from traders who have appreciated the transparency and support provided by the team.

Funded Trading Plus review and user ratings

Real-Life Testimonials of Traders

FTP has received positive feedback from traders who have used its services. Many traders have commended their fast payout system, for being able to receive their profits within a few business days. The availability of 24/7 live chat customer support has also been praised.

Success Stories of Fast Payout

Traders have shared their success stories of using FTP prop firm and benefiting from its fast payout system. Traders have reported substantial profits while utilizing the firm’s services, with the quick payout system allowing for reinvestment and continued trading activities.


Funded Trading Plus vs Competitors

When compared to other prop firms, Funded Trading Plus is no doubt among the biggest prop firms with fastest payout system. They stand out with this remarkable feature, unlike many competitors that may take several days or even weeks to process payouts.

Traders at FTP prop firm can get funded, trade and make a profit, and place a withdrawal the same day, Funded Trading Plus completes the payment process within a few hours.

Furthermore, the prop firm fast payout system is among the key features that set the prop firm apart from its competitors. No need to wait for days to receive payouts.


Pros and Cons

We can not discuss the amazing features of Funded Trading Plus without mentioning the downside. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the firm.


Funded Trading Plus has a lot of advantages that make it stand out from other prop firms. Here are some of the most notable advantages:

  • Fast Payouts: Funded Trading Plus offers the fastest payouts prop firms.
  • No Time Limits: The firm does not have minimum and maximum trading days limits, Traders can work at their own pace and reduce unnecessary stress.
  • Competitive Pricing: Traders can use Funded Trading Plus promo code for an extra 10% savings
  • Flexible Profit Share: Traders can retain up to 90% of their profits.
  • Funded Trading Plus Instant funding and one-step evaluation accounts
  • Straightforward Rules: There are no stringent rules, trade your strategies such as hedging and holding trades overnight.
  • No consistency rules. You are at liberty to trade your style.



Since Funded Trading Plus has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that traders should consider. Here are some of the most notable disadvantages:

  • Tighter simulated loss: The 3% daily simulated loss on one-step evaluation is a bit tight. But with a bigger account size, you are fine.
  • Small Leverage: Leverage is 30:1.


Final Verdict

To conclude, Funded Trading Plus stands out as a reputable prop trading firm that offers traders many advantages. These include fast payouts, no minimum trading day or maximum time limits, and flexible profit-sharing arrangements. Also, their comprehensive support, resources, and positive feedback from traders all contribute to its overall appeal.

The firm also offers funding programs that come with competitive pricing with the entry-level program for $12,500. Traders can trade financial instruments like Forex, indices, commodities, and crypto markets.

Traders looking for a legit prop trading firm that offers fast payouts can Sign up here and get an instant 10% off with the Funded Trading Plus coupon code: PTP10.

What’s your thought about our FTP review and its claim of being the fastest payout prop firm? Kindly share in the comment section.

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